About Us

Apollo Entertainment Media is a live entertainment company based in Singapore that is led by a team with decades of experiences in promoting live music concerts, theatre shows, family attractions and exhibitions in the region.

Apollo Entertainment Media has a mission to curate, produce and promote large-scale family entertainment events that inculcate great family values, and live music concerts with immersive, engaging and lasting experiences for everyone.

We envision ourselves to lead in family and live entertainment in the Asia Pacific region, bringing world-class acts to different cities where people of all ages come together and have an amazing experience.



Our Team

Vinncent embarked on his new career in the Media Broadcast industry more than 30 years that includes TV, Production Studio, Animation, Licensing and Merchandising in the European, US and S.E.Asia market. Being a CEO of a Chinese regional Satellite TV in 2008 which successfully land in 17 Asia Pac countries with option to land back in China.

In 2013, Vinncent co-founded AMI Live Entertainment Company which focused on Live entertainment industries, staging numerous Western live concerts in S.America, China and Dubai. Vinncent's portfolio included the Lady Gaga concert in Dubai which sold out despite the cultural difference in that part of the world. AMI Live Entertainment Company held the position of no. 3 in the live entertainment industry and was positioned to be acquired by Live Nation.

His love for animation led him to set up Apollo and guided him into the family entertainment space. Vinncent's past experience and work ethic is well known within the media and entertainment circle.



As the Group CEO of Apollo, John oversees the strategic planning and implementation of business plan for the company. He is also involved in identifying suitable events or projects for the regions to bring sustainable growth and profitability to Apollo Group and its partners. He currently also oversees the Business Development and the Merchandising divisions of Apollo as well. Previously the Group CFO of the company, John was responsible for restructuring Apollo Group and sourcing of investors/partners and for the company.

John Paul is a Chartered Accountant under the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia. John previously held positions in General Electric (GE Capital), the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and was a co-founder in tech merchandise Start-Up. John also consulted several high growth businesses in Southeast Asia from Branding, Sales and Distribution, Innovation and Digitalization. He currently is a silent partner at Seekrock Advisory and MAVEN Technology who are heavily involved in the Cryptocurrency and NFT space.